Taavo Annus, Bidrento founder

I have worked more than 10 years in finance and investment fields – over 8 years in corporate banking at major Estonian banks where I have analysed over 1500 corporate loan projects, and over 2 years in Asset Management where I have managed investments for individuals and companies. I have always been interested in technology, and over the years have seen entrepreneurs bring different new technological solutions to the market. It all took me at one point to where I am now, an entrepreneur and Bidrento founder.

E-mail: taavo.annus@bidrento.ee
Mob: 52 99 345
LinkedIn: Taavo Annus

Natalja Napsep, COO and Bidrento founder

I have worked for both the university and the corporate department in the bank. However, I found true passion in the real estate sector, where I gained extensive experience in real estate investment and development, focusing on the development and sale of residential real estate. I have been in charge of sales and marketing for a number of successful new residential development projects. I have always been open to new knowledge and opportunities, and if there seems to be no way, then there still is a way- it has been the motto of my life for years now. And today, I am 100% dedicated to Bidrento and work daily to improve the lives of both landlords and tenants.

E-mail: natalja.napsep@bidrento.ee
LinkedIn: Natalja Napsep

Umar Zarip, CTO and Bidrento co-founder

I have always been interested in science and through it I have discovered the world of technology. I have long experience in software development and speed and quality of my work is always in a balance. The start-up world has always been interesting to me, and being part of Bidrento team, I am working every day with a true purpose to make the world a better place.

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